GRC Division

We, Al Majd Fiber Glass Industry specialized in manufacturing GRC which gives you to access the whole new world of design engineering and modern architecting.

Al Majd Fiber Glass Industry is the GRC manufacturing company in UAE is a premium product that is suitable for the ever changing and newly demanding constructional needs of the design and civil engineering world. GRC gives access to a whole new and innovative possibilities of modern architecture. The work GRC can perform, knows no limits to the design profile it can create. A variety of creative, yet smooth or textured finish can be achieved with GRC.

Our GRC Division manufactures many different products as per the customer requirements. GRC products can come in any color, shape and size. GRC has two different finishes: one smooth in texture, and the other is rough in texture imitating the effects of stone. Some of the product ranges include Panels & Screens, Cornices & Brackets, Columns, Pedestals & Sculptures and Balustrades & Handrails.

GRC manufacturers have developed the product in a way that with GRC you could construct the wall profiles that are complex and strong. It can be very useful in restoration, renovation and new construction as well. GRC cladding is lighter, compared to precast steel reinforced concrete cladding. It has superior compressive strength and its flexural properties makes it more reliable and considerable to use. GRC is easy to use and is very speedy to be erected because of its cool and lightweight mounting range of the bespoke support systems.

Our GRC, being one of the most versatile building materials available in the market, supports any kind of architecting and designing idea. It supports the exquisite wall texture ideas that strike your mind. This is why we, Al Majd Fiber Glass Industry have proved to be reliable by almost all the designers out there.

Our GRC is usually used in Building renovation works, Bridge and tunnel, Permanent formwork method of construction, Architectural cladding, Acoustic barriers and screens and more. We offers the designer a wide range of products to choose from us comes with a variety of shape, form, texture, light weight, moldability and long term technical properties.

Our wide range of products includes,

  • Claddings panels
  • GRC interiors, cornices, railings
  • GRC Domes, Columns
  • GRC Furniture, Screen Patterns
  • GRC Garden Furniture
  • GRC Road partitions
  • Fascia Panels
  • Cluster panels, Wall & Column Cladding
  • Capital, Base, Copping Brackets
  • Balustrades, Decorative planters
  • GRC Decorative stone finish Claddings
  • Architectural components
  • Custom made products
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