GRP Cold Pressed Panel Tank

Building lifelong Satisfaction, we are manufacturing & supplying the best product as seen by our customer’s prospective. Our Cold Pressed GRP Panel Tank gives clients the best satisfaction from world-class quality level certifications.


  • GRP panels are lightweight, easy to transport and quick to install, Panel size provides flexibility to suit design and site requirements.
  • Panels are smooth and impervious on both sides.
  • Panel surface don’t permit growth of algae, bacteria or fungus. Thus providing excellent protection to store water. Water remains always hygienic in our panel tanks.
  • Panels are non-toxic, non-staining, corrosion proof and UV stabilized.
  • Panel tanks are non-corrosive. Assembly nuts, bolts and tie rods are in stainless steel 304 & 316 grades
  • Panel available in different sizes are1x0.5m, 1x1m, 1×1.5m.
  • GRP Raw materials are selected from the sources, confirming to BRITISH STANDARDS 3496, 3479 and 3532. Manufacturing is strictly according to the principles laid down in BS 4994.
  • For insulated panels, 25MM thick polyurethane foam insulation is provided.
  • Panel tanks include external GI ladder and internal GRP ladder. These tanks have 60cm diameter manhole, inlet, outlet, drain, overflow and air vent.
  • Thickness of each panel is 10mm. Colour of panel is grey & beige
  • All panel joints are bolted together with neoprene gasket sealant.
  • Panel tanks are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and structural performance.

All Required components for the tanks including

  • Steel Skid Base(Epoxy Primer Coated)
  • Required Panels
  • Lockable Manhole Access Panels
  • SS 304 Bolts/Nuts and Washers
  • SS 316 Internal Reinforcement
  • PVC Foam Sealant
  • Steel External Reinforcement
  • Connectors, (Inlet, Outlet, Drain & Overflow)(extra fittings will be charged)
  • 50mm GRP Air Vent
  • GRP Internal Ladders
  • GRP External Ladders
  • UPVC Roof Support
  • Delivery and Installation at site
  • Color of Panels – Beige
  • Insulated & Non insulated

Warranty: 5 Years Manufacturer’s warranty will be provided along with the receipt of the final settlement of the Invoice.

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